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The Kenton Valley Pistol & Shooting Club Inc
Our Club offers a comprehensive range of matches including ISSF, IPSC,  Shotgun, Western Action, Service Pistol, Air Pistol and much more.

The Kenton Valley Pistol & Shooting Club ( formerly Tree Tree Gully Pistol club) has been in operation since it was founded in 1968 and held competitions in a quarry off Hancock Road, Tea Tree Gully .

The Club purchased the land it currently uses in 1978. Kenton Valley was chosen as it was between Gumeracha and Lobethal. The Club changed its name in 1984 to Kenton Valley Pistol and Shooting Club Inc .

Club membership is around 100 - many of over 20 years standing including several that joined back in the 70's. It also has a growing number of new members who upon approval will undertake the training course under the supervision of one of our accredited licenced Firearm Instructors.

Our members participate in competitions at Club, Interclub, State and National  levels. 
Over the years the Club has had people representing it in IPSC, ISSF Championships and Western Action both here in Australia and Overseas.

Our Club has had 2 State Champions (IPSC) 1 State Lady Champion (IPSC) 1 National Champion (IPSC).
Several of our members have been  on State Teams.


Great Competitions

ISSF, IPSC, Shotgun, Single Action
Service Pistol, Air Pistol, Action Match , WA 1500
BlackPowder, 50m Rimfire Pistol & Rifle Silhouette,
50m Centrefire Pistol Silhouette, 25 & 50m Rifle Target

Joining Our Club

A Family Fun Club

To join the Kenton Valley Pistol & Shooting Club,
Please contact the Secretary on 0406 424 639
Or use our online Contact form HERE

Getting your Licence

All the information you need

Please read all the information on getting your Licence
Click HERE this will assist you in becoming
a Licenced Shooter at a Shooting Club


Upcoming Matches

Saturday July 9th 
11.00 am .22 Benchrest followed by .22 Field Rifle 
1.00 pm Rimfire Lever Action Rifle
Sunday July 10th 
11.00 am .22 Pistol & Rifle Silhouette
1.00 pm Centrefire Pistol Silhouette

AGM Sunday 17th July @ 1.00pm

Visitors please contact us before attending the Club to arrange a time and contact person