In Australia, Action Pistol comprises four (4) courses of fire shot at the National Rifle Association (NRA) of America’s Action Pistol Bianchi Cup. NRA Action Pistol comprises sixteen (16) different recognised courses of fire. The four (4) courses of fire in Action Pistol include the Falling Plates, the Mover, the Practical and the Barricade events. Each course of fire in Action Pistol is 48 rounds x 10 points each, totaling a match score of 480 points. An inner X count of 48 allows for a maximum overall score of 1920 points (192x).

Two types of targets are used in Australia i.e. 8 inch steel falling plates and the NRA target, which is a cardboard rectangle with a rounded top. The target has a printed inner X 10 ring used for tie breaks, an outer 10 ring and an 8 ring. The remainder of the target scores 5 points.

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